The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy (BYFA) The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy

Bridging the gap
between education
and the film industry

From camera to wardrobe, and from acting to post-production, our students work with professional filmmakers on a real film set to produce a quality full-length feature film. Students are given the skills, confidence and the all-important experience to develop as filmmakers. Oh, and they have fun too!


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  • Friends of Money thumbnail

    Friends of Money

    Turner is a college student, a young rebel, trying to complete s…

  • The Last British Execution thumbnail

    The Last British Execution

    When an execution is sanctioned in the UK for the first time in …

  • Olivia Twist thumbnail

    Olivia Twist

    OLIVIA TWIST is set in contemporary times in Stoke-on-Trent, a c…

  • Self Same Sky thumbnail

    Self Same Sky

    The moving story of a young Scouse lad who, in a world of hilari…

  • Fausts Growth thumbnail

    Fausts Growth

    Souls keep the endless flames burning in the furnaces of Hell...…

  • The Rochdale Pioneers thumbnail

    The Rochdale Pioneers

    The story is set in 1844 when a group of working-class people fr…

  • Henry V thumbnail

    Henry V

    War and warmongers, truth and reality, enemies and lovers, are a…

  • Henry IV Part 1 thumbnail

    Henry IV Part 1

    In a world where promises are few and enemies are many, who will…

  • Richard II thumbnail

    Richard II

    Routed deep beneath an ancient English landscape, this spectacul…

  • The Limelight thumbnail

    The Limelight

    A dilapidated nightclub in its final hoursattempts to revitalise…

  • Julius Caesar thumbnail

    Julius Caesar

    William Shakespeare’s epic tale of conspiracy, loyalty and betra…

  • The Perfect Burger thumbnail

    The Perfect Burger

    A new healthy regime is being enforced in schools, but do we rea…

  • As You Like It thumbnail

    As You Like It

    Students from a city high school are on a field trip when the su…

  • Re-Evolution thumbnail


    Society says that young people are dangerously out of control; g…

  • The School That Roared thumbnail

    The School That Roared

    Millington High School for the Gifted and Wayward is the worst p…

  • Treasure Of Albion thumbnail

    Treasure Of Albion

    Young people at an outdoor pursuits summer camp discover clues t…

  • Upstaged thumbnail


    A group of enterprising students strive to achieve their dream o…